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We can help find the perfect system for all you and your families needs. We offer a wide range of high quality brands that suit all budgets.

Here at Gealy’s we know that choosing the correct system is important and our staff will be able to help you with this. We will advise what the most effective capacity and options for the positioning of your system that will not only look great but will make living in your property more comfortable, it will also add value to you property. Choosing the right air-conditioning system can come down to a multitude of variables such as the area of the proposed air-conditioned space, heat load in proposed air-conditioned space which is calculated by adding the heat displaced by glass windows and doors, skylights, whether you have an insulated or non insulated ceiling space, if you have surfeits and your house is in a shaded or partly shaded position this also plays a big part in sizing a system.

A lot of people do not reaslise that if you undersize your air conditioning system that it will not only struggle to keep your room at a comfortable temperature but it will cost you more to run, will not cycle as often and will create more wear and tear on vital components.

Reverse Cycle Split Systems

Split systems require an indoor head unit and an outdoor condenser unit. These are connected with copper piping that allows the refrigerant to flow. This moves the heat from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit. The wall mounted split system is the most common option in todays market for ease of installation and price the wall mounted split is a good addition into the average home. With the option of adding additional units as required and as your budget permits and no large upfront expenses.
Reverse cycle systems also have a heating mode. This is one of the most cost efficient ways to heat your property.


Ducted Systems

Ducted air conditioning units circulate cool air in a room/rooms through the absorption of heat in one internal place then releases in an external place also working in reverse when heating mode is selected.

A ducted system can be used in a new home or be tailored to suit your existing. They consist of supply air vents in your allocated rooms and have a return air grille positioned discretely in a hallway. They are multi zoned for efficient operation when cooling/heating is only required in certain areas of your home.
Ducted systems are a great option if ceiling space is not an issue, concealing the bulky indoor components in your ceiling, the supply air registers are neat and small and do not catch the eye as easily also giving a more natural cooling/ heating feel the ducted system is a whole house solution and can be made to look great and operate even better with the correct installation.


Multi-Head Splits

This unit consists of a number of units running off one condenser. Although not the most cost efficient to install, these systems can provide a great solution where there is limited space.


Cassette Systems

These systems are generally used when there isn’t a lot of ceiling space and a split system cannot be used.

Cassette units were mainly used for commercial properties but with the new technology and the new slimmer designs, they are being used on more residential properties as well.


At Gealy’s, we specialise in the supply and installation of a variety of brands, including:

Mitsubishi Electric

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